Building enduring brands at the intersection of real estate and retail.


  • INS Market

    With over 150 franchised locations across Canada, INS Market meets you where you are.   INS continues to innovate in the small space retail space, offering in-demand, better-for-you products in a to-go format.  We pride ourselves on finding the best retail space, merchandising to serve our community, and empowering a small-business owner to operate with excellence.

  • Kindling

    Kindling is the first company in Canada to offer cannabis product subscriptions and on-demand, 1-hour, no fee delivery.  Kindling’s technology platform empowers and educates our customers to “better their best” through the miracle plant of cannabis.  We offer subscribers unparalleled access to product information, community, and services (including our personal cannabis concierge service).

  • Casey Street Development

    Casey street development operates and invests in multi-use commercial properties in urban centres across Canada. Leveraging our retail and construction experience we are able to instantly add value to the communities we invest by adding long-term tenants and first class retail concepts.  Our guiding strategy begins with a long term vision and ends in execution.

  • Brand Name Labs

    Brand Name Labs has a simple formula: premium ingredients – expensive branding = everyday premium products.  We strive to remove the fluff around CPG food products.  No more over-branded, over-engineered niche products with hidden ingredients and no real function.  From our Brand Name 8+ Alkaline Water to Brand Name Premium Game Jerky, we take the best ingredients, package them sustainably, and bring them to you.  Thats it.

  • Provision.

    Provision is an e-bike micro-wholesale concept offering best-in-class snack and beverage brands for 1-hour wholesale delivery at a ridiculously low minimum order.  Apply to be one of our first lucky customers at



Given the diversity of projects, people, and communities we work with, we strive to ensure integrity is foundational to every retail store, work site, and board room interaction. Be simple, clear, and intentional with your words.

Long-Term Vision

When you can zoom out and see your heading clearly, time and pressure become powerful levers of value creation.  Better yourself and the business by 1% every single day.

Bias For Action

Calculated risk, taken immediately, creates a larger “luck surface area” which can contribute to chance connections or sales that wouldn’t have occurred by planning in isolation.  Analyze, strategize, and execute now.


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